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    Exposure Vol 2 / Вертикаль 2-ая Часть (4K UltraHD)

    Exposure Vol 2 / Вертикаль 2-ая Часть

    Exposure Vol II follows athletes Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Alex Megos, Alex Puccio, and Dmitry Sharafutdinov as they push both their own personal limits and the limits of climbing. This years film brings you stories and ascents from around the globe including Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Bishop, and Colorado in a heart-pounding, forearm pump inducing journey to discover the impossible.

    Вид спорта: Скалолазание
    Дата/Год выпуска: 2015
    Язык комментариев: Русский
    Продолжительность: ~01:21:30
    Power & / Сила и (4k UltraHD)

    Power & / Сила и

    Rocks, mud, waves, ice and…. always higher, faster and more radical! These guys and girls in Power & ... only think in superlatives and they push themselves to the limit to get 'there' - the point where many of us would never dare to go. These sportsmen and women come from all over the world and pursue a hobby or a way of life in which they continually challenge themselves to get the most out of things, no matter what!

    Вид спорта: Экстрим-спорт
    Дата/Год выпуска: 2015
    Язык комментариев: Русский

    Jimix - Put Your Hands Up 4K UltraHD

    Jimix - Put Your Hands Up

    Being a Creole, always blending different music genres in order to create a unique sound, Jimmy Klimsop lives up to his nickname: "JIMIX".
    As a result of his latest creative experiment together with his gifted band members, Club-Rock music was born.
    Clubrock is a mix of dance- and electronic rock- music. The songs are based on catchy melodies. JIMIX's live performance expresses charismatic energy, fun and healthy insanity.

    JIMIX's musicians are an harmonious bunch of personalities.

    - The mysterious, Shailendra "Shai" Boehlai is the band's synthesizer guru.

    - On background and lead vocals is the extraordinary Kima, with her harmonizing and healing powers.

    - Acoustic drums as well as digital percussion are played by Fabian Michaelis.

    - Christophe Linder is responsible for the tasteful guitarsounds

    This collective generates a joyous celebration on stage.
    Captivating and powerful, JIMIX will entertain you with unforgettable songs and floor filling vibes.

    Жанр: Rock
    Продолжительность: 00:03:55
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Football : Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München 4k UltraHD

    Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München

    Football : DFL Supercup 2014 Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern München в 4k.

    Тип раздаваемого материала:Видео ролик высокого разрешения
    Жанр: Демо,тестовое видео
    Продолжительность: 00:56:00
    Язык: English
    Год выпуска: 2014
    Remark - Wild Run (4K UltraHD)

    Remark - Wild Run

    Жанр: Dark Hardcore, Post-Metal
    Продолжительность: 00:03:47
    Дата выпуска: 2015
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